StyleCaster brought their brand of cool, (which is very cool) to style yesterday, at the State of Style summit held at the 92Y in New York on the 10/11/12 or the 11th of October 2012, whatever floats your boat. It was an eclectic and informative mix of fashion, good music from DJ Mick Boogie, and wisdom from some of the talented and coolest people from back in the day to the new school. Here’s what we took away from that…

1. Getting to the Next Level.

There is no secret potion to this, no magic wand waving. To get to the Next Level you simply have to want to bad enough and devote the time and work to get there.

2. Personality.

If you intend on staying at that Next Level, get yourself a personality. “Personality PLUS in everything that you post.” -MaryAlice Stephenson.

3. Discipline.

Finally, and this may seem really obvious, but all of this will come together with DISCIPLINE. You cannot get to the next level of wherever you want to be without discipline. Swin Cash Olympic Gold Medalist, WNBA Champion.

4. Neo Democracy.

Social Media is a democratic platform and everyone is out there making noise, so have a Point of View. “Cut through the clutter.” Bloggers may talk about the same things but the really good ones set themselves apart with a POV. “You have to find a unique voice because there’s just too many people with opinions” Bobbie Thomas. Consumers can exercise their democratic rights too; “everybody has the opportunity to say what they want and we can choose whether or not to listen” Nate Berkus.

5.Tune in and Turn on.

Stemming from democracy, understand the psyche of your base. Every brand-blogger has a consumer base so tune in to their interests, and turn them on. Know what clicks with them and feed that interest. “If consumers are not clicking on to your idea, change it or change the execution.” As a brand or blogger, “you must lead with user experience” Brandon Holley EIC Lucky Magazine. Brands and bloggers want to be known, to be known you have to have a following, to have a following you have to have a Point of View otherwise people will turn you off. On the other hand “you don’t want to be overly done but you want to have some presence.” Patrick McMullan. So find the balance.

6. The Box.

Challenge yourself and inspire your imagination. If everyone is turning right, there’s no shame in turning left, even if curiosity killed the cat at least it got its answers, (or did he?) Either way, a little curiosity couldn’t hurt. Fashion and style are limitless in context and content, both concepts are relatable to most aspects in life, push this further and pitch these two with different things. Give it your take. “If you see a trend don’t be afraid to flip the switch. Go the other way and shake things up”

7. Get an Education.

Blogging is much more than just taking cute pictures in cute outfits, as a blogger you have to widen your parameters; “take in information and use it somewhere down the road.” Joah Spearman. Fashion is more than just a pretty dress, there is a history behind the trend “know the context that affect fashion.” Robert Verdi.

(The Circle skirt of the 50s was made popular by a spike in teen pregnancy and automobile sales. Also a need for ease- fashion history and wisdom from Robert Verdi)

An opinion should also reference history.

“Don’t ever stop studying or learning. Its about evolution.” Uri Minkoff.

8. Value.

Money, money, money. Sometimes, or most, its not all about the money. Should you get paid for the work done? Absolutely, but the relationship is what’s most important. As Ari Goldberg puts it, “business always comes back to relationships” so start a conversation with the brands you love, foster a relationship and “get in there and crank it.” Be authentic in what you put out there, even if you are being paid for it, it should still be true to you because the value is in the authenticity. Collaborations give essence to both parties, enforces credibility and from there comes value.

9. Start with you.

Trust your tone and your instincts, if you don’t want to read it, then your audience would probably not want to either. Aliza Licht DKNY PR GIRL.

10. My favourite quote of the summit.

“I thought a fashionista was a well dressed Starbucks employee.” You know, from the amount of money fashion people spend in Starbucks, might as well be.

Go here to watch the video…