Lucky Magazine wants to help you quit your day job and own your destiny. Sounds good. Is it easy? No. Its hard as hell but you know, if you really want to, in the words of Nike, you can JUST DO IT. And I am all for that. The conference returned to the East Coast for this session and as with the FABB conference in LA in February, it was a bunch of inspiration from seasoned professionals from all works of life; CEOs, Brands, PR people, and of course Bloggers. It was an organic coming together to learn from one another and what was most refreshing was the sense of community in the room. So here goes my twelve from LuckyFABB.

On your brand;

You are the brand. You are what you tweet, what you put out there because even if it has nothing to do with your employer, it has everything to do with you. Manage your brand on all social media otherwise someone else will. And in the words of Terry Lundgren CEO/President of Macy’s You have to be “BRAND RIGHT.”

On Social Media;

Be sociable but in the right way. You can’t be on everything and everywhere at once. Find out what works for your niche and hone your skills on that platform.

On Style Blogging;

You can’t be a style blogger forever, there is only so much quirky outfits and cute poses that we can handle and if you’ve seen one, more than likely, you’ve seen them all. “Integrate your other passions into your brand/blog.” Leandra Medine

On making things happen;

“You have to work hard to make things happen they won’t just fall on your lap. And no matter what, you’re never done. I never feel like I’m done. Don’t get comfortable in your comfort zone; do something else” Rachel Zoe. Push your boundaries.

On Passion;

“Find your passion. Find what you believe in and don’t get distracted by others. You have to OWN that which you believe in…” Steven Kolb. CEO CFDA. Focus and build your brand that way.

“Just do what you love because there will be days when you don’t love it and that’s when your passion sees you through it.” Lauren Conrad advise from her parents.

On Blogger-Agent movement;

This is still a tricky line however, the bottom-line from the horse’s mouth is this; assess your cache. Is your phone ringing off the hook? Are brands reaching out to work with you? If not, then you probably don’t need an agent. “An agent is there to help you grow your brand, add value to your brand by proposing that which is right and of fair value on both ends”- Mitch Grossbach CAA

On brand evolution;

Today’s customer is not only after luxury product but also luxury services. Shopping is no longer about the need to shop but the experience whether it is online or in the stores, its a complete expeeirence that customers are seeking. Shane Fisher High line Venture Partners.

“Old e-commerce was a need, new e-commerce is about experience.” – Federico Marchetti CEO Yoox.

On running your own business;

Your blog is your brand, is your business. Figure out the goals of your brand and when you achieve them, make new ones. You have to figure out a way to keep serving your niche to your customers/readers. It is the reason they’ll keep coming back to you.

On embracing it all;

Erica Domesek of PS I Made this said it best; “I EMBRACE MY KRAY.” You have to embrace all there is of you and “take a minute for yourself because its totally worth it.” AMEN.

On keeping it real;

Whether you are a brand or a blogger, transparency is key, especially relating to your customers/readers. Therefore, “honesty is the biggest gift you can give to them”. They will thank you for it.

“There is something dishonest about doing things you just don’t care about”- Lauren Conrad.

On relevancy;

To be relevant you have to have a POV; “what’s your damn point?” Make it. Let it be heard but be authentic. “Authoritative without being pretentious”: Leah Chernikoff, Executive Editor;

Wise words from Simon Doonan; “today’s peacock is tomorrow’s feather duster.” So, what have you got to tell me that I haven’t already heard? Time is ticking on your meter so make your 15 minutes count and hopefully you can stick around for longer.

On being nice;

Possibly the most important lesson shared; being nice is not a phenomenon, it’s not a fad, its fashionable and more importantly, it’s appropriate in ALL situations. “Dont be a climber, don’t use people to get where you want to go to. You must always be nice because if you’re mean you may succeed, but it won’t last.” Rachel Zoe.