Shirley loves fashion. Shirley loves to cook good food. Which in my books makes Shirley perfectly cool. (yes that was just for you girl) She is one of those people you are glad to have met virtually. I am. And if she is any lovelier IRL I may just never give her back to her hubby. And I just know she’ll be. An American born in Paris and raised in Tokyo, she flexes her multicultural muscles to the very best being a Japanese chef and tutor with a crazy cool knowledge of fashion; fashion and food, two of life’s greatest pleasures. She has an eye for editorial, her pinterest page feels something like living in Paris, eating in Tokyo and playing dress up in couture. And in her other life, I’m pretty sure she was that Lanvin Merchandiser. A dream adventure with Shirley would be the perfect 24 hours; Breakfast in Seattle, lunch in Japan and a whistle stop in Paris to have champagne and macaroon with Alber, Ladureé of course, because you know, that’s how we roll…down the rabbit hole we go! into Wonderland and that’s perfectly perfect.

Oh and she’s insanely in love with her maltese Musashi as am I.

1. If you could do something impulsive what would it be?

Dye my hair pink. Katie Perry pink. I love changing my hairstyle and color and my hair has been every color and style imaginable. I get bored very easily but I’m not as fearless as I used to be.  I’m a little too old for pink hair now unfortunately.

2. What’s love got to do with t?

Love is everything. I’m so lucky that my hubby is my best friend and we really have a bond. I know lots of people say that but we were very close friends for over a year before we started dating and we went through a lot to be together. I think that is why we never take each other for granted and always make our time together special.  Now that we’re living in two cities we do spend time away from each other but we talk at least three times a day.  He always makes me his first priority and encourages me to follow my dreams. He’s the best.

3. If you weren’t you, you’d want to be?

I would want to be the Visual Merchandiser that does the windows at Lanvin in Paris. Visual Merchandising was my first career and even though I haven’t worked in that field for the past five years I still love it. I can’t walk by Lanvin without stopping and dreaming how wonderful it would be if I could do their windows. Everyone knows I love Lanvin and that would be my dream job. I always tell my friends I want to live in a Lanvin boutique!

4. What wouldn’t we believe about you?

I think many people are surprised when I tell them I don’t like raw fish very much. Having grown up in Tokyo, being half Japanese and married to a Japanese man people assume I love it. It’s not because it’s raw really it’s more the taste that I don’t like. There are many other things I’d rather eat.

5. A perfect moment in your day…

A perfect moment in my day is right after I’ve prepared a meal for hubby and we’re sitting down talking about our day and our future. He always eats every meal I cook for him with such enthusiasm and acts like it’s the best thing he has ever tasted.