Jammie is what I call a good’un, you know, she’s there for you no matter what. No drama, no fuss, no biggie, she’s like ride or die but the sweet kind. I love her tenacity, her unshakeable belief in goodness. She has a quiet ambition because she believes that things being just as is, is never going to be enough for her; she gets hers but she’s patient enough to wait for it, work hard for it, knowing that what is coming is greater than what she hoped for. Its a feeling I get from her. She’s strong in faith, cool in character and a true beauty inside and out, if you tweet with there you’ll see what I mean. I love her spirit, she’s the one you want to call when things are about to go Kray, rather she’ll call you because she has that knack for knowing just when you need to hear the words; hang in there because everything is going to be okay And quoting her tweet; “if its not okay, its not the end.”

1. What would your three genie wishes be?

For pure fun…

-To be able to snap my fingers and be where I need to be. I am the most impatient traveler ever! Car rides are such a waste of time. And I live in LA, go figure.

– Endless access to my fashion and beauty wants. Like those studded Valentino heels…

– The ability to sing and dance, no longer just a wannabe.

2. What is the soundtrack to your life?

The Best Of Frank Sinatra. I’m in love with love, a bit of an old soul-quite old fashioned in many ways, always looking to conquer the next challenge and of course; I want to be a part of New York.

3. Describe a perfect moment in your day?

Bonding over laughter with good company. Whether its sharing a memory over Skype with my family, texting a movie quote to a friend who I know will “get it” (preferably something said by Vince Vaughn) or just sharing a giggle with someone close by. A day with laughter is a good day, it’s medicine for the soul.

 4. Define happiness on your terms?

Being at peace with life and knowing that I have inspired or encouraged someone. Everything else is icing on the cake. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the icing! Ahem… Prince charming and a closet full of amazing ensembles.

5. Ex-boyfriends are…

Something I know nothing about. And for now, I’m kind of ok with that.

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