Beth Shak’s ex-husband wants to sue her for 35% of her eponymous shoe collection worth an estimated $1m.

Beth Shak’s ex-husband is a very mean man.

Already divorced in 2009, Daniel Shak reportedly lost $7m on the markets last year and now wants a paltry sum from his wife’s shoe collection. In the grand scheme of things for the Shaks, 35% of $1m is tip money, and one wouldn’t expect this sort of behaviour from a husband after the divorce, especially not for the shoes! But he may be feeling for a pair of stilettos…who knows? Anything is possible these days right?

Beth Shak is a woman with serious love of shoes, with a 1200 strong collection most of which have those signature scarlet soles, she has a thing for Mr Louboutin you see, even an alligator pair that cost something in the region of of $4,000. Someday this collection will be worth its weight and much more in dollar signs at an auction…so I guess I see his point, but it doesn’t make it any more palatable.

Daniel Shak claims not to have known about the “secret room” where she housed these shoes, which, according to his ex-wife, was the closet in their master bedroom. Her failure to declare these shoes as an asset in the divorce proceedings could be seen as contrary to the terms of the divorce settlement in New York state, where assets are equitably distributed in a way determined by the courts. Naturally, items such as clothing etc do not need to be declared in divorce proceedings but considering the depth of her collection, these shoes could be seen as an asset and the ex-Mrs Shak could be in for an Up-Heel battle, 6 inches high, with sharp stiletto points, if she doesn’t play her cards right. There are all kinds of puns going on there because she also happens to be a poker champion.

Now, whilst he can be excused for not knowing, as he claims, about this “secret room” where the shoes lived a charmed life, sometimes in a marriage some things are better left unknown such as; an addiction of some sort to shoes and handbags particularly FYI; Future hubby. That’s part of what makes it work and I’m sure she earned most every pair of those 1200 shoes as indulgent as it may be, because marriage is hard enough and that’s more than enough said, but these shoes are what we’ll call the consolation prize if you will. Besides, sometimes in a marriage, these secret rooms are needed. #justsaying.

But come on Mr Shak, the marriage is over, leave the woman with her dignity intact. In the words of Christian Dior: the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet…

Well it is the same for a man except in this situation, the real proof is how he handles the divorce.