Paul is like the big brother every girl has, I can imagine him teasing and pulling your hair and being all big brotherly when it comes to boys but you can always count on him to come to your rescue, like most big brothers often want to…because that’s just the big brotherly thing to do. He talks A LOT about sports, Baseball especially, even has a blog to prove it and he wrote a book about the Baseball season which you should buy not only because I said so but because its worth it. His bark is worse than his bite and he is a dude’s dude with all the dude sayings on top but he is fun to tweet to and I’d want to have beers with him and watch him loose his rag as his team loses out in a baseball game. Hopefully to the Yankees…lol. And don’t tell him this because he might kill you, but he is a big old fuzz ball…a very cheeky softie at that…

1. If your house was on fire what three things would you absolutely have to save?

The cats.

2. What is the one thing we wouldn’t believe about you?

Considering the range of beliefs about me, I would think society at large would believe anything is possible. Most likely there’s a perception that no one in my presence dare disagree with me for fear of setting me off and being subject to a raving rant and/or potential carnage. It’s totally untrue. When people who’ve read my writings and dealt with me on social media meet me they invariably say they’re surprised at how subdued I am. Just because I’m intense, doesn’t make me unhinged. I don’t flip out at the slightest provocation and keep my composure in most circumstances while calculating how best to deal with the situation. Sometimes I do lose my temper, but it takes a lot to get me there.

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Probably getting into a long distance relationship with a girl I met while on vacation in England. This was right around the time that phone cards were coming into prominent use. It worked because I ignored the conventional “wisdom” from those who felt they were in a position to give me suggestions on how to run my life when they said not to get into a long-distance relationship.

I’m not very good at listening to people and their self-induldgent advice. It’s a good thing.

4. What is your greatest fear?

Getting trapped in a life and job I hate with no way out.

5. Who is your favourite superhero and why?

I’m not sure if he’s a superhero, but I’m partial to Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. He formulated a plan; took steps to make it come to fruition; was patient beyond all comprehension in fulfilling it; let no one stand in his way; maintained his duality of personality as the respectable politician out for the public good during the day and the plotting, scheming Dark Lord of the Sith at night; and he placed an entire galaxy under his thumb through sheer intelligence and force of will.