Today is her birthday and it was always going to be today, which makes this meet cute appropriately poetic in a way. I met Jessica on twitter, one afternoon after a witty banter that inspired this post. We shared the same feelings on the fashion industry and its use or misuse in some cases, of language…curated anyone? I think the offending word was “Chic” and we’d heard enough of it. We wanted something new and fresh and updated. It’s the English language we can do better. It was a very stimulating interaction that drew in several parties with the same opinions. Oh to be so rebellious…lol. Jessica is smart, funny and witty. She’s an inspiring woman; Atelier 36 was born through twitter connections with another friend, Krista Peck, through shared passions and beliefs, a service which encompasses complete strategic consultations, from fashion to luxury to beauty to lifestyle industries etc. She is an ardent supporter of young designers and a fashion girl with way too many shoes, she wants a Birkin (sisters in arms!) and she is plenty cool.

Happy Birthday Jessica! Cheers to you.

1. Define happiness.

For me, happiness is being fully myself and seizing opportunity when it comes. I am happiest when spending time with my husband and baby and when doing fashion/luxury strategy work because I feel like I’m most myself in those situations. A bit circular, perhaps, but I feel like the best work-life balance is when you love your work and it is thus a part of your life inasmuch as my life is part of my work as a working mum.

2. If you had to have a do-over in life what would be?

Buying a skort in the 90s when I was at university. Big mistake and horrid idea entirely. Not sure what I was thinking. But, in general, I have no regrets. While I think it is important to learn from the past, I do not dwell on it excessively because it does not get you anywhere. I’m an entrepreneur: it’s all about moving forward.

3. If you weren’t you, you’d want to be…

Diane von Furstenberg. She is an incredible businesswoman and now an amazing brand. She is well-traveled, powerful, and highly clever.

4. What do you value the most in people?

Directness. I don’t have the time or patience for people are dishonest or cagey. I like people who get things done efficiently and with integrity.

5. What is the one thing you have always wanted to do?

Own a Hermes Birkin bag. Once I do, then I’ll know I’ve made it as a businesswoman and fashion girl.

Now let’s have cake!!