She’s a model but you’ll love hanging with her and her fabulous posse because it is never a dull moment. She does what the hell she damn well pleases; her world, her way. She’d rather tea at her local, in the suburbs Prim Hill maybe, instead of somewhere uptown, those places bore her to bits. Her posse, who have been so from childhood, are a loud, fun, and adventurous bunch who live for the moment and in the moment. Tea is full on; two sugars and milk served with a full english breakfast to kill the hangover from the night before hence the late breakfast. You have to Keep up. Fast cars and Fast lives in the Fastest lane. She fits in anywhere so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a bar on Camden Lock, feasting on fish and chips whilst listening to live music. She loves gigs, dingy bars, bad boys, festivals and cigarettes. She’s always ten steps ahead of the pack and before it becomes a trend she’s so over it. Onto the next. Don’t worry if you feel out of your element, you are. But try to curb your awe. Following the afternoon, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on a PJ, Private Jet to you the newbie, heading to Jamaica to party because some DJ friend is playing there. And the morning after that, I don’t know, on a yacht on some remote and luxurious island for downtime…Don’t worry yourself too much because she’s an “in the moment” kind of chick…Of course  Kate, Moss that is, is on her speed dial; duh! And she lives for her skinnies double duh! BTW, you may not make the guest list for tea next time so enjoy every moment with her because it’ll be an experience worth remembering. And whatever you do, DO NOT ASK FOR HER AUTOGRAPH! Be Cool.