She’s young, hot and has a promising future ahead of her because “Mommy” as she calls her, is the Knightsbridge wife. She hardly needs to venture outside the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, where she lives, when she returns from boarding school because everything is on her doorstep. She plays an instrument or two, “summers” in the South of France and will more than likely spend a term or two in La Sorbonne. Of course she speaks french, she even speaks Latin! Her preference is in all things French, she’ll speak English with a French lilt sometimes and will throw in some French words from time to time in conversation. She, along with her circle of friends, which will include an American socialite, a French demoiselle…and who are all cut from the same cloth, is bound to make future lists of the most “powerful” and “influential” so and so. For now however, they live on the social pages of Hello and Harpers hence her social life is central to everything else. Her diary is bursting with dates for gallery openings, balls, book launches, premieres, fashion shows, summer parties, garden parties and the likes. Of the grandest kind, she will make her debut at the Crillon Ball dressed in couture with fittings done at the designer’s “Atelier” NOT studio, because like her mother, she is proper. Mommy was obviously a debutante. Saturday mornings are spent having music or language lessons after a swim or some other form of physical activity, afternoons; shopping on The Kings Road or Knightsbridge, Oxford Circus is far too common, light lunch at Le Pain Quotidien and she’ll dance the night away at Boujis because you know, Harry, as in the Prince, hangs out there and we all know the aim of the Sloane is to be the next Duchess.

Her bible is Vogue US, but she is also partial to French Vogue, in her bag is a copy of French women don’t get fat duh! Tea of choice, Jasmine or Ylang-Ylang because why be like everybody else…And sorry, but she’s just too cool to hang with you. #justsaying