She’s just getting started…

That moment when you meet someone and they touch some sweet part of you and you hope they get to stick around for longer… Jammie is such a person and I do hope sticks around and I get to meet in real life. She’s completely adorable. She’s a girl about her business, she knows what she wants, where she wants to go and Lord help the person who gets in her way. She’s my kinda girl. Her story makes me smile, because it reminds me that its never ever too late to start over. No matter what. Her determination to succeed inspires me because it teaches me that life is all about trial and error and if at first you don’t succeed you try, try and try again because you are bound to get it right or find a new way to make it happen. And her positivity is infectious even if virtually because somehow, someway she knows someone, somewhere is in need of a little lifting.

She’s on the cusp of something so watch out world.

In her own words here’s Jammie;

I’ve always been the girl who everyone borrowed clothes from, the one to pack enough outfits on a trip for an army because inevitably I would be sharing. The girl who everyone asked: Does this look ok? But until recently, I never thought of turning my “talent” into a career.

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of our life.” Jessica Hische

I worked in administration for 10 years and I loved it.  The control freak in me loved being a boss, I lived for the challenge and I faced (almost) every day with a smile. But in September of 2010 I entered a styling contest, Project Style, on a whim at my local mall.  I was about to turn 30 and I figured, why not give this a shot? I have nothing to lose. Go figure, I won. From there I became a weekly fashion writer for my local mall and then a national brand ambassador for Shoptopia. I started a fashion blog, got addicted to twitter and attended Lucky Fabb in February 2011

After Lucky Fabb in New York City I flew to Paris. It was during fashion week and I met Joe Zee, had Grace Coddington and Linda Fargo sightings amongst many others. I was hooked. This fashion thing was in my blood and there was no letting go. I knew that if I didn’t just up and leave where I was, I would drag on excuses forever. So I packed my bags and my frenchie and headed west. I spent 10 months in Seattle visiting family and contemplating what I was going to be when I grew up (I mean… 30 IS the new 20) While there I continued to blog, attended another Lucky Fabb, read every book on style, Fashion and blogging that I could get my hands on. Always keeping my hand in the fashion world. I even interviewed Monique Lhuillier right after she designed Reese Witherspoon’s wedding dress!

Fashion it was, but where to do it was the big question. New York or LA? Decisions decisions. New York sounded so cool, I leave a piece of my heart there with every visit and it’s where everyone told me that I would need to go in order to succeed. But this was a new me, I decided to be true to myself and go back to the sunshine state. I was born here and the need for constant sunshine has never left me.

So here I am, 30, moving to LA and I don’t know anyone in the business. What to do? I found School Of Style online and tweeted Sasha Charnin (who’s book was imperative to my career change) and asked what she thought. She said it looks legit. Why not?

I took classes in the business of styling, both celebrity and personal. There I am at Smashbox Studios in Hollywood one moment and the next I’m assisting on set with the like of Ali Lohan and Lucy Macintosh. Say WHAT? It all happens THAT fast! Although I loved every moment, my heart was in personal styling. P.S. these are not glam moments. If you are looking for glam, look elsewhere.

I love the stories that fashion brings to the table. Where women came from, what inspired them and their style, where they have been and where they are going. Why do you need a fabulous dress or an everyday wardrobe that you love? Because when moments in life happen, be it the everyday ones or the milestone ones, you look good. When you look good you feel good and I want to help you do just that.

I am now a personal stylist for Nordstrom and I could not be happier. Everyday I am surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people. My clients leave with a smile on their face and an amazing addition (or 2 or 10) to their closet. I have touched their lives and they have touched mine.  When they attend their sons wedding or their daughters graduation, when they travel the world or plan a special dinner with friends, they will look fabulous doing so and therefore, they will enjoy the moment that much more. Styling comes natural to me; I’ve done it my whole life. Now the only difference is, I get paid for it.

What do you do in your spare time? I challenge you to make it your career. I dare you to live happily ever after. That’s my fashion story, what’s yours?