Editor of one of my favourite websites, fashion and decor, I just couldn’t resist the chance for more fun with Anne Flanders besides, we love; I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend by the Black Kids!! even more reason to love her and now I want to party with her massive and drag her even further out to the big bad world of Social Media just like Gretchen wants to lol! I love everything about fashion and decor, its the perfect playground for house wives, yummy mummies, career women, single gals, and all the boys too. I love how Anne and her team have married the concepts of home and fashion and presented it in such a unique and flawless way. Character, it says to me, your house should always embody your character, it should reflect who you are and more than anything every room should have heart, very much like the site itself. Love, Love, Love. Without much ado here’s Annie!
1. A perfect moment in your day is….

Each morning, my little four year old twin daughters wake up with the happiest smiles you can imagine, giggling away.  They’re just so thrilled to start a new day!  It’s only a moment before the craziness kicks in and we begin to hustle, but I love seeing the world through their eyes for that brief moment.  It reminds me that we inhabit a place full of fun and adventure, where there are countless opportunities to learn something new.  And, lest I seem too corny, I should add that it’s also pretty damn great when they go to sleep.  Unwinding is a very necessary part of my day!

 2. What advise would you give to your younger self and why?

Don’t put anything off! It’s so easy when you’re young to make abstract plans for a nebulous, distant future…it’s so far off and everything will work itself out, right?  NO!  Start making things happen today, and you’ll be amazed by how far you can go.

3. What is the one thing we wouldn’t believe about you?

I’m very reserved, which anyone who has seen my sparse social network output will believe quite easily, actually.  My partner in crime at Fashion + Decor, Gretchen, is dragging me along, kicking and screaming, into the new world.  My online presence is more shadowy…by nature, I’m a lurker, not a poster.  But I’m adapting, and it’s been good for me.

4. Define happiness on your own terms?

Health, loving family and friends, a sense of accomplishment, and a rich inner life.

5. What is your favourite line from a movie or song?

“Baby, you are gonna miss that plane.”  The ending of Before Sunset is perfection!  The idea of a sequel to the magnificent Before Sunrise made me nervous, because how could it ever live up to it’s predecessor?  You as the viewer feel that sense of anticipation, of promise, but also potential for a major letdown, that mirrors the characters’ experience. Before Sunset exceeded my wildest expectations, and we got yet another ambiguous ending filled with hope, but also complications of a much more serious order than anything in the first film.  I don’t really even know what I want to happen for these characters, but I can’t wait to see what does.  They’re supposedly working on the next screenplay now, which makes me so, so happy!