Moms, we wouldn’t be anywhere without them. The world wouldn’t make sense without them. Life wouldn’t be the same without them. This much we know. Moms are everything. (Yes we have dads too but lets leave that for father’s day)

Lazing about in the park today, I saw a little boy playing on the swing set with his mother sitting nearby keeping a close eye on him whilst also tending to his baby sister. She often said to him; “gentle, not so fast you’ll hurt yourself.’ Of course boys will be boys; he went faster and moms’ law he did bang his knee. His mom rushed over to his side, baby girl in hand, she knelt down beside him and soothed his tears away. He said; “kiss it mommy, kiss it and make it stop.”

His mother did as he asked, “better?”

He nodded vehemently, got off the swing set and went to sit with his mom and sister. His little world perfect again.

This scene took me back to my childhood, to a time when I thought my mom had the magic touch, one kiss or touch and my world was set to right. The tooth fairy, the vegetable myth, (remember the story of jack and the Beans stalk, my mother told me the girly version all the time to get me to eat beans, not my favourite food but I desperately wanted to be taller. Sod’s law I took my grandma’s height so no amount of beans could sprout me any taller than 5ft 3 as nature intended.)

Reality bites and I soon realised that a bump would still hurt, the tooth fairy was a sham; although I made a lot of money because I was a sweet tooth and as for Santa Claus…well. And although she cannot make my physical pain go away with one kiss or touch, moms always have that magic; that special secret power. Nothing is more calming than hearing wise words from your mother. She does the worrying and lets you do the living because that’s what mothers do, amongst other things, they worry; its their lot in life and they will worry about everything; no matter your age she’ll always wonder if you still eat enough vegetables, are keeping warm on a cold night, about your late nights and long work hours. Don’t get me started on marriage; its their default worry button, whether you will find love and when you find that love whether you will keep it. If you do keep it its how you are keeping it and that’s even before we get to grandkids…it’s an endless cycle of worry and when we are mothers we too will worry and hopefully understand.

And whilst she may not be able to make life perfect for you, a mother’s work is never done; she’s a listening ear when you need to keep your worries at bay and her prayers go a long way, especially when you forget to say yours. She’s that shoulder to cry on any time of the day, even when she is far away. She’ll spot you a twenty though you never asked for it, she knows one day, you’ll need it. That’s mommy for you; they have a knack for knowing when you need them or just when you want them to make it all go away be it with a kiss, a touch or a little prayer. And even at times when we think you don’t need them, they are always there, in our hearts.

So here is to all the mothers of the world; step-mothers, baby mothers, grandmothers, all mothers, thanks for the little white lies that made everything alright. Happy Mothers Day.