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“There can never be too much beauty in the world.” Gretchen Aubuchon

If I was ever going to match my house to the way I dress up every morning, channelling my favourite designer to my favourite season and collection, I know just the look and the season; it would be Louis Vuittion, of course by my one true love Marc Jacobs and it would be AW 2010 collection; And God created the woman. That collection summed up everything there was about fashion and exactly where it should be. Sexy and classic, with lots of curves and charm, pretty and feminine, softened with cool colours, unapologetic in its sensuality.

Your lifestyle should be replicated in the way you look, speak and where you live. Not in the grandma couch and drapes way, but in that quintessentially beautiful way that channels the true essence of you. Imagine there was a website dedicated to matching your favourite looks from the runway to the looks in your home? Imagine having an idea in mind but never really being able to capture it on paper? Imagine the possibilities? Endless right?

Well that’s exactly what I thought when I found a website that not only designs your house around your favourite designer looks, but gives you a complete picture of looks on the runway married to looks in your home with inspiration from décor magazines and other sources. PERFECTION. Utter heavenly perfection. As individuals we grow up into adults, hopefully, and our thought processes start to change, it becomes, more mature; career, family, children etc. style plays an important role in your life whether you want to agree or not. It isn’t so much about fashion and trends as it is your LIFESTYLE, because this is your signature, its how you do things, why you do them and the habits you cultivate whilst doing them. Your lifestyle shows in everything you do, it tells a story about your tastes, what’s unique and particular to you, it shows your quirks and to a great degree defines you. It is more than just the colours of the season or the handbag du jour; it is a complete embodiment of you as a person, the grown-up you have become. No matter the age, you always want to be able to define your space according to your terms and aesthetic and maintain your style in such a way that it filters down to every nook and cranny of your home. Fashion and décor have channelled this and funnelled it down to the letter, giving a complete vision of how this should be done. It is quite simply a match made it style heaven, the ultimate style pairing.

There is nothing shabby about this, it is all things classic, contemporary and pretty, even the man caves are oozing with suave. Thanks to the power of twitter, I was able to hound Gretchen for Q&A on this uber amazing concept;

Fashion and decor; what made you think of marrying both concepts? 

I was searching for a way to take my wardrobe to the next level.  As I looked around my house, I realized that the confidence I exhibited as a decorator was lacking when it came time to fill my closet. I decided to learn more about fashion, and since interior decorating was my comfort zone, I used it as my style starting point. Style is style after all, so I began searching the web for interiors I loved.  Then I began exploring complementary runway looks, searching for common themes, teasing out the connections between home and runway.  I had just begun to blog, so it seemed like a natural progression to make this the focus.  The response was tremendous, and things took off from there. 

How would you describe the ethos of the site?

Discovery.  We want to encourage people to learn about style and to express themselves aesthetically. There can never be too much beauty in the world. 

What do you want visitors to take away from fashion decor? 

I want each and every one to get to know their personal style better, and to think about how to incorporate new ideas into their home and wardrobe in a coherent way. It’s about having a clear vision and applying it to everyday life.  Once your fundamental needs like health, food, and stability are met, what’s more basic than where you live and what you wear?  It’s important to have fun with style, and to approach it in a thoughtful way.

What designers are you most inspired by and why? 

Marc Jacobs for chic wearability, Oscar de la Renta for couture splendour.  Both are necessary!

What era you most enthralled by and why? 

Post WWII, pre-Summer of Love, Grace Kelly country club chic. It’s about elegance, refinement and wearability.  Sure, there was a level of artifice, but there was such pure…prettiness, for lack of a better word-in the best looks of this era.  People cared, and it showed.

Give us a picture of a day in the life of the fashion decor team? 

We’ve got our noses buried in our laptops, working on StylePairs.  We’re also working with our technical team to deliver the highest-calibre web experience we possibly can…it’s not glamorous, but Fashion + Decor is essentially an ever-expanding database, and the logistics are complicated.  On the networking front, I’m constantly in meetings, getting our brand out there and looking for partnerships that make sense, finding new content for the site. That includes things like attending Fashion Week or blogging for High Point Market, which is the biggest home furnishings event in the US.  Finally, social media is integral to our growth, so we work the various channels tirelessly!

What is your most effective habit?

If I may say so, I’m exceptionally organized.  I have to be to balance multiple business ventures and three children under the age of five.

What is your least effective habit?

I dream big, which is a good thing, but I get impatient waiting for reality to catch up. There have been many conversations where someone’s had to rein me in.