Fashion, it changes from season to season, trend to trend; the gypsy, thanks to Pucci, the Bohemian thanks to Kate Moss, the Minimal (Celine, Calvin Klein and co) etc and as often as these trends change so too do the front rows. Although there once was a time when the only presence on the front rows were the editors, buyers and celebrities, those who were seen as the “influencers” in the industry, but these days there is a new type of front row fixture; the blogger. The industry may be oversaturated with bloggers, with everyone and their mother calling themselves bloggers, but there is a difference between a blogger by profession and a blogger for swag. The Front row blogger is a blogger by Profession.

Bloggers are fashion’s new VIP; theirs is an audience that has come to matter because they are the next-new-big generation. They have a unique voice that captivates their audience and they are instantaneous; we don’t have to wait four weeks to have the latest fashion news, lifestyle or tech developments, bloggers are in the know and now.

The uniqueness of the savvy blogger lies in the tone with their audience; they are relatable, fun and somewhat escapist; much like reading your favourite novel. When we log onto a blog we are not inundated with advertisements for products we cannot afford or endless photo shoots, rather, we engage with content be it a personal style or a lifestyle, blog. Bloggers communicate in a language their audience can relate to, they are unabashed in their opinions and open in their views. Well most are.

There have been criticisms of the quick ascent of blogger to the ranks of the Editor-In-Chief somewhat, even surpassing them; from sitting front row to fronting ad campaigns and designer collaborations. Their cosiness with brands have been called into question, especially when it comes to authenticity in evaluating a product, the validity of their opinions, and the whole “gifting” issue…however, a few bloggers have mastered this craft and developed a faultless way of working with brands they have a genuine affiliation for. E.g. Liberty London Girl and her collaboration with Hunter Wellington boots which led to an ad campaign for the brand, it was not just a random coincidence, the brand fits in with the essence of her blog and she has often talked about her love for the iconic brand in blog posts. So also, Bagsnob and their collaboration with DKNY to create the five essential bags every woman should have… Such works and collaborations between brands and bloggers give the brands that new customer, the savvy consumer who doesn’t buy into a brand for its trendiness but for its identity and lifestyle.

Brands therefore see their association with bloggers as a benefit not only because they have become an indispensable part of the press, but also because the brand is cool by association with the blogger audience hence would rather give them seats front row. And with the new age of social media and our need for instant news, their influence is only going to grow stronger.

Who knows how long this blogger power will last, whilst there may be conflicting opinions on their influence, for now it’s pretty persuasive and is here to stay.