"they said we could have it all... they just didn't tell us how."


dresses of summer home

Dresses of Summer

Tis the season, what are you wearing? Temperatures are rising and summer’s been calling. I love the summer, the recklessness of the wardrobe, the feeling of eternal fun, longer says, shorter nights, pretty sunrises and pretty dresses. Notice how people care a lot less in the summer about anything really. Don’t you just LOVE IT! Our […]

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the Summer Tee home

The Summer Tee; H&M, Primark

Three weeks ago I saw a girl wearing my kind of tee, it was slung on her body in a perfect way, in the perfect grey, round neck and folded capped sleeves. I loved it on sight. The next day I saw a girl at work wearing the same kind of tee in a different […]

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Burberry Summer 2015

Naomi, Jourdan, Burberry…Heaven

  I’ve always been a fan of Burberry, especially under Christopher Bailey; he knows how to put on a good show, has successfully married the brand’s heritage image with his own aesthetic without blurring the lines or alienating the customer base, yet making it fresh and forward, and largely synonymous, but most importantly for me, […]

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When we ask ourselves days, weeks, months, years later, what happened in Charleston, the words to articulate it will be there on the tips of our tongues, but it will be hard to speak them, because to do so would be to understand and to understand would be to accept. And accept we cannot. Yet the words […]

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Love, Caitlyn & Freedom

A lot has happened over the past week that has shaken the world to its core; as one nation declares love for all, by all, and with all, regardless of gender, a legal right and freedom protected by the constitution, another man came out in his truth to live his life as he’d always wanted […]

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Vagabond- A Weekend In Rome

When in Rome one must roam. You cannot possibly visit Rome and not be a tourist, even living there it’ll be hard not to be enthralled by the wonder all around. Rome as a city is a wonder of the world, I believe; everything is almost steeped in history over time. You get the sense of […]

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Prague eats

Eats & Sleeps- Prague

Before I move on from my love affair with Prague, Rome is next on the list, here are two restaurants and a hotel in Prague to eat and sleep in. Sleep Jalta Boutique Hotel Wenceslas Square, it models itself as a boutique hotel but its a little more than, spread over five floors in the […]

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leave your mark

Madam Reads; Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

My first tweet to Aliza Licht was at her handle @dkny the savvy PR Girl before she came out… so to speak. I remember everything about that day. I just jacked in a well-paid but seven level of hells fashion job. I was lounging on my couch at home watching Lion King for the umpteenth […]

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short stops audrey

Short stops London- Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn, a lady of mystique, the woman we all think we knew, but never really quite.   The National Portrait Gallery has an exhibition of photos of Ms Hepburn from personal archives and family collections of her sons. The 35 strong collections gives us classic Audrey, snippets of her childhood, and a background to different stages […]

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Rome Eats- Main and Dessert

La Taverna Dei Fori Imperiali- after walking from the Colosseum to the Pantheon, walk across the wide street and amble along until to come to the third turning on your left, or right…I’m not too sure but its about ten minutes from the Pantheon, in an alleyway, I think everything in Rome is in some cobbled […]

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Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

What are you doing this summer? Chances are there are lots to do on your list and little time. Its always the way isn’t it? A few weeks back myself and three really good friends took a road trip to the Safari…in Warminster, Wiltshire. I didn’t even know there was a safari in the UK […]

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