"they said we could have it all... they just didn't tell us how."



#NYFW- What it was, What it wasn’t.

Fashion Week is over. Finally! Is it me or does it feel like every other week is fashion week somewhere someplace? Right? And New York goes on forever… so much so the rhythm gets lost in the groove. This season was no different. It gets there in the end, makes us tired before we get to […]

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#NYFW SS16-Pretty Dresses & Fishermen’s Hats

For the past few seasons, I’ve found fashion week to be a bit mundane, and repetitive, we keep having the same arguments and going round the same circles, New York is too long, London too short and typical, by the time we get to Paris its all so tediously messy, and somewhere along the line […]

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The Fashion Victim

You remember in school when you were the last kid to come in on anything cool, and by the time you did, the other kids already moved on to the next cool thing, which left you forever trying to play catch up? It’s like that for me with music; not to long ago I listened, really listened to the words of […]

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A Death In The Family

My dad passed away recently, hence the almost silence on the blog and social media, it was sudden but a good passing. A good passing but no less sad, because someone I love and was close to is gone. There is nothing like a death to bring the family close or closer. My dad was […]

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blog Fela 2

Black History- Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

Everyday for me is black history, it is who I am, what I live and what I know. It cannot just be a month, and the history of my people matter everyday, to me. I am also Nigerian, shaped by some of the most influential minds in history; Madam Tinunbu, Nnamdi Azikwe, my grandmother, mother and […]

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Vagabond- See in Paris; Beauté Congo 1926-2015

One thing I love about Paris is the endlessness of it- there is always something to see, do, be, go. It is a city brimming with art and inspiration so much so, one can never be bored in Paris. On a recent jaunt my sister and I were lucky enough to catch the Beauté Congo Exhibition presented by […]

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Vagabond; Paris is always a good idea

One can never grow tired of Paris for it stays with you long after you leave. Time in Paris is always a good idea and time well spent, all that is beautiful and divine. Above ground, the beauty comes right at you. I love going to Paris, love taking in some part of the city […]

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Vagabond; Lagos- Heart and Soul

Lagos. There is no place like Lagos. Until May of this year I hadn’t been back home for too long a time, so I’d forgotten how hectic and hot it can be. Compared to the laid-back pace of everyday life in London, Lagos is a shock to the system, a rude jolt that hits you the minute […]

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hell you talmbout

Hell You Talmbout- Janelle Monae & Wondaland

Over the past few months the world has witnessed racism and disregard for black men and women in America. Police brutality, media stupidity and worse, legal justification for these atrocities. Racism, it is alive and well in America, do not be deceived. When a young boy cannot walk home without fear of his life, a […]

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dior and i full

Dior and I

Over the past few months, I’ve had something akin to a block, creatively speaking, life got in the way of my creativity and I let some things fall by the way side. Last weekend I was bent on rectifying that; I moved my room around, this always helps navigate my brain in a way, and then […]

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Of all the months of the year, September is most fulfilling. Tired old August, for whom the sun never shone, fades away along with memories of the summer that never was. September is the promise of good things to come, endings and beginnings; school starts, holidays end, work resumes. New books, new toys, new tricks, […]

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Brunch with a view- Duck & Waffle

Some days brunch will be a warm brioche and coffee in bed, other days pancakes on a rainy sunday morning making a mess in the kitchen. On rare days, when the sun is shining, the peak of summer and you have pretty dresses still unworn, brunch should be in the up in the air with […]

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Stationery- The Perfect Notebook

I have a thing for stationery. Correction, I am OBSESSED with stationery, and over the past month I have spent about £100 on notebooks. Forget the fact that I already have a box and half full of notebooks from Burberry to Smythsons, no matter how many notebooks I have, It’s never enough, for nothing warms my heart […]

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