Scandal S4, Ep. 3; Inside The Bubble

This episode was somewhat better than last week’s dire episode. There was a glimpse into Olivia’s past before she became the Olivia Pope and a little backstory into Liv and Abby. Still, it had little at stake, left things very unresolved, … Continue reading

Fashion Week- SS15; Where Are All The Wild Things?

Alas! The Fashion Month has come to an end, another season to look forward to, or not as the case may be for most. The month went on forever, but the boredom set in for some of us, around day three of … Continue reading

Coccinelle- A Distinguished Simplicity

My first part time job was in McDonald’s, I lasted about two weeks because even though  I’m a huge foodie, working in a restaurant did not appeal to me. Especially on a busy Saturday afternoon, shout out to all the waiters … Continue reading

Two Men On Board A Train…

The world hasn’t gone to shit yet, all hope is not lost. We are going to be okay. How do I know? Because we are human beings, we feel, we behave, we misbehave, we grow, we learn. We change. Yesterday … Continue reading