"they said we could have it all... they just didn't tell us how."



The Fashion Victim

You remember in school when you were the last kid to come in on anything cool, and by the time you did, the other kids already moved on to the next cool thing, which left you forever trying to play catch up? It’s like that for me with music; not to long ago I listened, really listened to the words of […]

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Brunch with Chuck

Brunch with Chuck

A few days ago, I bought my first pair of White converse! I’ve always wanted a pair of white converse you see, I have it in other colours; pink, wine, blue, black…but not in white and every time I see a girl wearing a pair I immediately want one. Well last week my first pair […]

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dresses of summer home

Dresses of Summer

Tis the season, what are you wearing? Temperatures are rising and summer’s been calling. I love the summer, the recklessness of the wardrobe, the feeling of eternal fun, longer says, shorter nights, pretty sunrises and pretty dresses. Notice how people care a lot less in the summer about anything really. Don’t you just LOVE IT! Our […]

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Misty Copeland Essence

The September Issue

The September Issue of any magazine is the crowning glory of its year, the defining issue, it draws in the big advertisers, big brands and inspires reader fanfare. It is important, in some ways political, topical, and the cause of many a fuss. The September Issue separates the players from the settlers; it is fashion’s new year, the new […]

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Marriage featured

Happy Ever After.

One of my best friends is getting married and its all very dramatic, everything is happening at once and it almost feels like a quiet storm is brewing, somewhere in the near future the collision will be cataclysmic and it will take no prisoners. To that end, planning a wedding is not for the faint […]

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Vagabond; Lagos- Heart and Soul

Lagos. There is no place like Lagos. Until May of this year I hadn’t been back home for too long a time, so I’d forgotten how hectic and hot it can be. Compared to the laid-back pace of everyday life in London, Lagos is a shock to the system, a rude jolt that hits you the minute […]

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Vagabond- Cambridge The Enchanting

There’s a city to the north of London, its quaint and charming, surrounded by a beautiful river, stunning landscape and architectural history. Everybody goes there, but its oddly never crowded, the summers are beautiful, in winter I’d imagine its mystical, in the Spring, glorious, and in Autumn, enchanting. Everything about Cambridge is enchanting. Sometime last year, I decided it […]

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Rome Eats- Main and Dessert

La Taverna Dei Fori Imperiali- after walking from the Colosseum to the Pantheon, walk across the wide street and amble along until to come to the third turning on your left, or right…I’m not too sure but its about ten minutes from the Pantheon, in an alleyway, I think everything in Rome is in some cobbled […]

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hell you talmbout

Hell You Talmbout- Janelle Monae & Wondaland

Over the past few months the world has witnessed racism and disregard for black men and women in America. Police brutality, media stupidity and worse, legal justification for these atrocities. Racism, it is alive and well in America, do not be deceived. When a young boy cannot walk home without fear of his life, a […]

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dior and i full

Dior and I

Over the past few months, I’ve had something akin to a block, creatively speaking, life got in the way of my creativity and I let some things fall by the way side. Last weekend I was bent on rectifying that; I moved my room around, this always helps navigate my brain in a way, and then […]

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Brunch with a view- Duck & Waffle

Some days brunch will be a warm brioche and coffee in bed, other days pancakes on a rainy sunday morning making a mess in the kitchen. On rare days, when the sun is shining, the peak of summer and you have pretty dresses still unworn, brunch should be in the up in the air with […]

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Stationery- The Perfect Notebook

I have a thing for stationery. Correction, I am OBSESSED with stationery, and over the past month I have spent about £100 on notebooks. Forget the fact that I already have a box and half full of notebooks from Burberry to Smythsons, no matter how many notebooks I have, It’s never enough, for nothing warms my heart […]

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Short Stops London; The Farmery, Richmond

One of the best things about working in Greater London, not central, is discovering new places to eat, sit, read, chat, etc. I came across The Farmery one night going home late from work, 10pm kind of late. It was a long, long day. I was hungry but not in need of solid food, I […]

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